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    Comp Day 3

    by , 03-04-2023 at 05:07 PM (175 Views)
    3-4-23 Comp Day 3 (WBTB - Failed Saying mantras before falling back to sleep and also trying to hitch a ride on the movements of my own visions or the hypnagogic visions got close but failed)

    DF#1 4:08AM - Saw Joseph walking in the dream space with nothing around and he was walking with a limp

    DF#2 4:09AM - There was a feather, but perhaps it was more like a seed. That when dropped it would spin and fluffed out a bit and very slowly it would fall. I remember the presence of a male but there was also a very large tree and the ground seemed like old forest with some very large roots and green moss.

    D#3 4:10AM - I was with two other people, and we were preparing to paint part of the road white. It was a busy road with cars and multi lanes, perhaps an interchange of some sort. We seemed to be under a bridge at an intersection right after the area where cars would merge into the lane from the onramp. There was one orange cone for us to use to keep the cars out of the one lane by the curb. But I needed to go find another one so the cars coming out of the onramp wouldn’t come into the painted area. I wandered across towards what looked like a city but on the way to the city I found two FDC just standing around in the center of another cloverleaf ramp. I approached them and then started to tell them that if they needed to do something that they should go do whatever they were planning on doing soon, because rain was coming. They looked at me with disbelief, but I said look. We looked up into the sky and it was all blue sky, but then I turned and looked behind and pointed over in that other direction: see, over there, the dark clouds mixed in with some other clouds are coming this way. And then there were dark clouds in that direction.

    D#4 - I was at my mom’s house, looking out into the back yard. I was with a MDC and we were watching this cat slowly coming up towards the house sniffing stuff along the way. It has long hair and had the same coloring as my RL cat. It was a stray cat and I said to the MDC that it was probably going towards the garage to get some kibbles I left out there for it to find. Then soon after the cat disappeared we saw this guy sneaking around in the back, coming close to the house attempting to break in. We ran out into the back yard and chased him away to the back and he jumped over the fence. It was then that I saw two others that were with him. I tried yelling at them from the fence, but I couldn’t get any voice out of me. I wanted to yell and scream at them and I couldn't. I saw where the other two went, there was like a smaller house with a covered and inset porch where the two others disappeared. At first I was thinking there just tucked into that spot to hide, but turns out they might have lived there. I wanted to tell them I see where you are and yell to them they better never come back..blah…blah…blah but I couldn’t get anything out. Ugh I really wanted to give them shit and I couldn't talk. It was frustrating. Then as me and the MDC were walking back to the house through the yard, I was able to say (or perhaps I said it telepathically to him) that we needed to get some security motion censored lights out there.

    D#5 8:15AM - I was with a FDC who seemed to be from India. We were in a dirt parking lot where there were a few sketchy looking storefronts. They had openings in the first part but the back of the store fronts were closed off by all these curtains and sheets and colored partitions to keep people from seeing behind the curtained area. We had just arrived, but then suddenly several others showed up. Some of the guys working in the store fronts were moving about and welcoming some other people. The FDC I was with got a bit annoyed and said to them they were not welcoming her because she was from India. Then she had the idea of stealing stuff. Batteries are what I could make them out to be. She ended up putting something in my purse, but I found it and took it out. I told her I didn’t want any part in her stealing stuff. So she started to stuff these batteries under the back of her shirt which was an elastic material and she was able to get them tucked under and they stayed. While she kept at this, I noticed another spot on the other side of this parking lot that seemed to have telescopes. I went over there to check out the telescopes. After I walked back to that area, I had to go through an opening then walk behind the parking lot till I came out in a different store front. In the front of this store there was another paved parking lot. I asked the guy if these telescopes would help me see Pluto and Mars as I had just heard IRL that they were conjunctioning and I really wanted to see them and see for myself how bright they were. We walked out to the parking lot and looked up into the sky. There was only one small area where we could see lots and lots of stars which appeared as a cool looking pattern in the sky, but it was in the wrong direction. To the right was where we needed to look and that area was covered in clouds. So looking back at the area where we did see stars I noticed something flying high up in the sky. It seemed to be coming our way. I said to some other people out there, do you guys see that? What is that? It began coming closer and getting larger. Finally they saw it too. It was such a strange white-ish in color space craft. Not like anything I’ve ever seen or could even imagine. One of the guys said it was some sort of government space craft and just as it was approaching right above us we started to run. It was spraying some type of liquid which when it landed on me felt like a very light rain. We’d been sprayed! I’m all, what the heck is this stuff? They said it was some sort of chemical and now that it was on me I would be able to be tracked. Wherever I went they would always be able to find me. Whatever was mixed into the chemical agent was able to get into my body and interact with my DNA. I wanted so badly to go wash my hair, because most of it landed on my head. I was thinking if I could wash it out maybe it wouldn't have time to get into my body.

    DF#6 - there was a FDC and she didn’t have any work experience and she had to take this one job. Her job was to just stand there. I can’t recall what she was supposed to be doing, but I felt bad for her. I ended up giving her my purse so she could put it over her shoulder and have something to hold onto with her hand (rest her hand) around the strap while she just stood there. There seems to be more but I can't recall more.

    DF#7 - There was a FDC that ran down a sandy beach and dove into a whole or tunnel at the very edge of where the water and sandy shore met. She ended up swimming into the lake from that strange entry point. She had a blue shirt on. I ended up going into the lake afterwards, but I just walked out and waded in the water which was clear and warm.

    WBTB Failed = 2
    4DF = 2
    3D = 3

    Total 7
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      I know a lot of long time LDers have their own acronyms after awhile but whats FDC and MDC?

      edit: female dream character and male dream character. nevermind, that should have been easy enough to figure out. My brain was just potato.
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