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    Comp Day 6

    by , 03-07-2023 at 04:30 PM (163 Views)
    3-7-23 Comp Day 6 (feels like I slept sound and solid last night - The cat let me sleep through the entire night no WBTB attempts)

    D#1 7:30AM - I was inside a building - a glass building that had water in the lobby. I don’t remember what I was doing before I started walking out of the lobby, but the lobby was full of water and it seemed pretty calm with a gentle wave towards the exit wall. I was hovering and moving just above the water level. Moving towards the exit doors; or exit wall. Suddenly the water's wave movement changed direction and I thought how strange that the direction changed like that. I get out of the building and turn back and watch the waves change again. This is all happening inside the building, the water all gathers into the middle of the room and creates a super large wave. It billows up tall and reaches the height that should be the top of the building, then suddenly starts moving as if a huge tidal wave would and smashes into the walls. The water becomes so turbulent it keeps building and splashing and building and splashing into the walls repeatedly. Till finally it settles down. The water never broke out through the glass walls. After it settled down I went back and saw a younger MDC sitting at a round table with his cat. The man seemed emotionless and just sitting there with this cat in his arms. My first thought was that they sat there and withstood the waters beating and I was worried that the cat was dead. I went over and petted the kitten. The cat was still alive.

    D#2 7:30AM - I was roller skating/or blading through a neighbor on the sidewalk. In the beginning of the dream it was light out and I ended up at some place where there seemed to be some type of typewriter the old black styles before computers (I was just talking to someone about them last weekend IRL) And I was standing there in front of it trying to use it or well not exactly sure but it wasn’t working as it was supposed to. Then I started skating back home. The sidewalk became my focus point in this one spot. I remembered seeing a very long copper wire (which I apparently had left out somewhere) and someone else had come along and cut it up into all these tiny short pieces. So while I was skating, I had to be careful not to get any of those pieces under the wheels on my skates. There were a lot of pieces scattered along the sidewalk for a short distance. Finally there was no more wire debris and just about that time, it got dark outside. My skates however had these very cool built-in headlights. They were old school original lights and they shined so nice and bright so I could see the sidewalk very clearly even though everything else was dark. I ran into a friend of mine on the way back home. She was skating too, and instead of her having her dog with her, she ended up having a little boy with her. He may have been holding a green colored blanket. I remember smiling and waving at him. I chatted with the friend for a moment, she was with a couple other DC’s and they were on their way to some other place. My friend commented on the lights on my skates and made them sound like they worked better than hers, or mine were brighter anyhow. We said our goodbyes and I continued onward back to where I thought home was…never reaching home…skating off into the abyss….

    DF#3 - There was something going on with a group of older FDC and then also not sure if it was this same dream or another one but there was also something going on with an older MDC. No details of this recalled It seemed like something I’d want to remember…ugh

    2 Dreams = 2 pts
    1 DF = .5

    Total = 2.5

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