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    Comp Day 7

    by , 03-09-2023 at 05:31 PM (106 Views)
    3-8-23 Comp Day 7

    DF#1 - I was with a few other DCs and we were going to order some food. As I walked past one table, I saw a FDC sitting there alone with a platter of three very large tacos. They looked so good thats what I was going to order

    DF#2 - I was with a MDC and it seemed like he might have liked me. He wanted to know where I got my bras? (I think) and I said Macys.

    DF#3 - I was in a dark room, maybe a living room and suddenly the door slid open all by itself. That scared me and I believe I screamed in the dream. Then I looked closer and saw a shadow of a regular sized cat. It was a cat that wanted in. So I got up and went to let the cat in, then made sure I closed the door tight and locked it.

    DF#4 - I was at a work environment and the FDC was in a colored dress, she was freezing.

    D#5 - We were standing in line to get a ticket for some type of a huge event, maybe it was a concert or something bigger. The line was moving at first, then as we got closer to the registration area it stopped. I wandered up front to see what was going on. It appeared that they ran out of registration papers. Someone was on it and looked to get some more. Suddenly my sister and Mom showed up out of nowhere. I hugged each of them and asked are you guys really here? I even asked them what day it was. And I believe the date was correct, March 8th. They decided to come for a surprise visit. I was already thinking oh no, the house is not ready for company. They might have to spend the first night in a hotel. The new bed isnt put together and the other bed needs the sheets washed and to be remade. I thought about how much work that Id need to do to get the rooms ready. Then I asked how long they were staying, it seemed like I had a vacation planned and it was coming up soon. I wondered if they were going to leave before I had to leave for my vacation. A bit later, I remember being handed a small piece of paper and I had to write my name on it, the ink wasnt coming out, I scribbled on a blank white piece of paper till I saw a mark, then I attempted to sign my name on a piece of torn paper with colored pattern on it. Tried to find a light colored spot so you could actually see my name when I signed it. I think that was the registration part. Then it had taken so long, that when we went into where we were supposed to sit, wed never find any seats together.

    4 DF = 2
    1 D = 1

    Total 3

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