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    Comp Day 8

    by , 03-09-2023 at 05:33 PM (101 Views)
    3-9-23 Comp Day 8 (WBTB Failed ughhhh)

    DF#1 - The planting of seeds; they have begun to grow 🙂

    DF#2 - There was a guy named Mike who handed us something. I was with a FCD, he had an incredibly good vibe and he remembered my name.

    D#3 - The Island - I was in a kayak paddling through the water between a couple islands to get access to this other island that I would be camping on later that night. I was checking it out ahead of time so I was a little more prepared and would know what to expect for camping. There was one patch of seaweed that I came across but it wasn’t stopping me from moving forward. There was a hint of a thought that a storm was on the way that evening. But in the dream it did not appear. I ended up going around to the backside and found the beach side of this island. Nice stripe of clean bright sand. I remember looking up into the sky wondering how the sunset and or sunrise would be from here. I was with someone else and we were talking about what we might need to sleep outside during the night here. I really only recall a screen to go over our heads, or mosquito net and something about my clothes. There seemed to be some kind of house on the island as well. And we’d have access to the house if we needed it to cook and to have coffee. There was a box with a key for us to use.

    WBTB = 2
    2 DF = 1
    1D = 1

    Total 4

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