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    Warm up to start of the Comp

    by , 03-01-2023 at 04:16 PM (134 Views)
    March 1st AM dreams (not counting for Comp since Comp doesn't start till 8PM but thought I'd see how this DJ entry works)

    3-1-23 am dreams snippets (MILD a moment of a LUCID DREAM Short lived)

    Just before 6am - I was at work, a combo of S.L. and an office job. I was at a table trying to enter the SRA data to the computer. Nothing was working right and my computer kept moving to the edge of the back of the table. I moved it back to the middle a few times, then I was just feeling weird like something was definitely not right. I turned to look at the office setting and thought about starting to say something is wrong with me when it dawned on me that I was dreaming! Turned Lucid right then. The first thing I thought about was to spin to relocate myself to another scene. I started to spin and while I was spinning I was saying and when I stop spinning Iíll be in the museum and will see (then I couldn't think of the name of the painting I wanted to see. I kept stumbling on names. While spinning for way too long now) Finally mona lisa came to me and when I stopped spinning; it appeared like nothing was there and soon after, I lost all memory of a dream. (NOTE TO SELF: remember to remain calm and touch something to get a stronger lucidity level first before rushing to do your task)

    Fox Puppie, he was so cute and friendly. I found him on the ground and picked him up. He let me hold him and cuddle with him. I ended up at a bar of some sort. There were a lot of people at this bar and I let someone else take the puppy from me. He was adorable.

    I entered an ice cream competition; vanilla with cheesecake; As everyone's bucket was moving to the voters area they were all stacking up in order. I felt I was in fourth place; they only announced the first three winners. There were handing out cups of all the ice-cream but I didnít take or taste any of it.

    We were staying in this really expensive super wealthy looking and feeling mansion. There was a piano that was covered in a black silky cover which I bumped into the back of. The person I was with seemed to have gone over to the front of it to take a look under the cover.
    I was walking on a road and there was a large truck ahead of me but it was backing up. There were two items in the middle of the road that I needed to go move out of the way so he wouldnít run them over,

    There was a table of 6 or 8 people. They all suddenly got up and left.

    There were two kids and someone had given them some type of candy. I had not got them candy this time, I was starting to feel bad about it because I did get them something last time I saw them. Later I went into an office where a FDC was behind her desk. She seemed annoyed by the kids. The little boy ended up running in through her door and tripped and fell flat on his belly. But he broke or split into two pieces. His head was several feet from his bottom half. He was tiny but I picked up his head and arms and found his other half and kind of pressed his body back together. The FDC came over and was right there with me when I reattached his body, we both looked at each other and wondered, how is he not dead? Why isnít there blood running everywhere?

    I was telling a FDC about my lucid dream from earlier and she wasn't listening to me. Itís like she didnít care and really didnít want to hear about it at all. I ended up storming out yelling with frustration that nobody ever wants to hear about my dreams. (POS I and read something about someone yelling in their dreams on DV the night before)

    POS = power of suggestion

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