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    1. A Meditation

      by , 11-05-2010 at 03:30 PM
      While reading Robert Wagonner's Lucid Dreaming: Gateway to the Inner Self, he touched on the concept of a dream review committee. This reminded me of an LD I had a few months ago during a nap:

      Weirdest dream I've had in a while. The dream was basically a series of scenes, all of which had me lucid dreaming. I can't remember every scene, but one had me getting into a van next to a car that two guys were robbing, driving off, and them chasing me. Since I was in full control, I started creating things to throw at that, starting small with bricks all the way up to gallon barrels of gas.

      The only scene I remember REALLY well was walking into a magic shop. When I am lucid dreaming, I tend to play along with the dream, then go mega deity on it, but the store clerk knew it. He started talking straight to me saying, "I am the one thing you can't change." I created a sword, stabbed him, and it went through. Then, I turned and this stuffed bird started talking saying it would teach me a lot about real lucid dreaming. I spoke to it, and kept saying I would be more powerful than anyone. Realizing I was losing control, I reigned the dream back, only to have the store clerk fight that and manipulate my manipulations. Finally, he tossed me out of the scene into a series of scary scenes with him somewhere in them (think G-Man walking around). He looked a lot like David Blaine, but I think it was because it was a magic store, and I imagine all Magic Store clerks looking like that--douchey.

      I woke up, terrified. As when I sleep on my back at my parent's house, I get this sense that someone or something is in the room. I ignore it because I didn't want to move out of sheer terror. Eventually, the feeling passed, but I was scared to go back to sleep for a while.

      Weird, weird dream.
      So, here, I was assessed of my dreaming abilities, didn't accept it, and was punished. I didn't take into consideration that this was an assessment of what I can do lucidly. Going to investigate this.
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    2. Nightmares

      by , 08-22-2010 at 04:16 PM
      Nightmares =\

      1: I was a serial killer/mass murderer for a reason I have forgotten. I used razor blades and slit people's throats quickly. I think I also kidnapped people, and the sequence ended with what was supposed to be years later when I see the investigators talking (one looked like Donald Sutherland), and I run up, kill both, then walk off. As I walk off, I hear shouting, and I impale myself on a screwdriver.

      2: I think this was an alternate ending to the previous dream where one of my friends died, and I was trying to be convinced to go with another friend to Greece where he lived now.

      3: My fiancÚ, for reasons unknown to me, was attacked in front of my by a massive crocodile. I, alone, pull her out, and she's unconscious. The dream ends with her being revived.

      I'm guessing since I went to bed stressed last night, this triggered the nightmares of death. I tend to over-analyze everything since I plan my moves out, and when I do, I worry about future situations that may not even develop. For example, if I want to quit my job, I become worried over the worst case scenario (no career), so I essentially start to become absorbed with the notion that this is all I can do, ever. This notion happens for nearly everything. So, since all the dreams were about situations out of my control (I think the last dream with the crocodile had my fiancÚ pregnant too, which neither of us want at the moment, so that made it double out of my control), I believe that going to sleep stressed out (computer issues on every computer and phone) pushed the dream to fruition. Worst of all, in the dreams, everything felt real enough/out of control enough to be feasible, so I couldn't break the idea that it wasn't real.

      I woke up shaking and pretty scared.

      Thinking back, I had a reality check that I missed. At some point during my murderous rampage, I shaved with my razor blades. Using a mirror (which worked fine), I noticed a patch of facial hair, passed the blade over it, and it disappeared. I never noticed that it didn't FEEL like I was shaving. Pity...
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