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    1. Wednesday, December 26

      by , 01-10-2019 at 04:22 AM
      I am in a room with Melissa, Alex, and their aunt Janet. The room seems large, dim, and empty. The walls look black. Despite this description, it doesn’t really convey any negative emotion. The three of them are huddled around, each holding some type of nozzle. Alex tells me to hurry and come over; he’s also counting down from 3. I hesitate, but go over in just enough time. I am handed a tube with a white, square nozzle. Everyone has one and starts drinking from theirs. I start drinking (the liquid seems to come out of one of the corners), and it is red wine. I realize they’re chugging a wine cooler (I see the box that the bag’s in). I’d rather have a glass, but go along with it. I don’t drink a ton though, as I have no desire to get drunk. Janet doesn’t stop for quite some time.
      Tags: alcohol, wine