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    1. Thursday, April 21

      by , 05-18-2022 at 07:57 PM
      Iím climbing inside at what looks like or similar to Basecamp. I boulder a couple of problems; it feels easy and I feel strong and confident. I notice itís very empty in here, almost unbelievably so; I canít remember a time itís been less crowded. Now, Iím up at the front desk. Dustin sits behind it - he looks young (maybe how he looked back when I was climbing). He has his closely cropped beard and eyeglasses. I ask him how much it would cost to come a couple of times a week. He talks to me on the side of looking at his computer screen.
      Tags: climbing
    2. Sunday, April 17

      by , 05-18-2022 at 07:56 PM
      Iím at work and either about to sort carts or just passing through the warehouse. I notice a black wire rack that I havenít seen before (it looks similar to the red one we put DVDs on) with handwritten tags on green paper for the subsections in Nonfiction. This is a new process to me, and I wonder if itís going to make things simpler or more complicated. I also wonder if it was Reika or Jessica who wrote the tags.
      Tags: work
    3. Saturday, April 9

      by , 05-18-2022 at 07:48 PM
      Iím outside somewhere with Zoe and either her son or Jessica from work. Her car is here, with the back full of Blu-rays and DVDs. We are sorting them into fruit trays. I get going and then realize I haven't been checking the condition on the last few. Some are still wrapped and the ones I did check were in good condition, so Iím not really worried about it. Now, we are in the back of the car with the door open as Zoe starts driving. She accelerates far too quickly for this situation. Still speeding, she glances in the rearview with an expression almost of joy to see if weíre still holding on (which we are).
      Tags: car, driving
    4. Wednesday, April 6

      by , 05-18-2022 at 07:46 PM
      Iím with Melissa and going to what seems to be a dispensary or a place for massages or both. The place seems dim and two stories tall. We walk in and the lobby is pretty crowded. I notice one guy with bloodshot eyes that are barely open. The lone woman receptionist looks to be in the same state as well. I think about adding CBD to my massage this time no matter the cost. I donít mind splurging a bit to get a really good experience. I also think about getting something from the dispensary to take home.

      *I mentioned edibles to Melissa yesterday. Iíve also been having some discomfort in my back.
    5. Wednesday, March 30

      by , 05-18-2022 at 07:45 PM
      I am driving to ---. The area seems fairly empty, like itís not school hours. As I approach, itís been so long that I forget which side is student parking. I guess it doesnít really matter, as Iím just a guest. I end up parking on the side that I now remember is staff parking. I hesitate, but there are plenty of empty spaces. Iím now getting out of the backed-in car, except it is a rolling office chair. I guess I donít find this odd, rolling it back into the far corner of this edge spot. Now Iím in the school and it is empty. Jessica from work is now here and we pass by the library. The door is cracked and I peek in, reliving some of my time here. The lights are off and I want to go in, but Jessica does not. I then see some guy moving slightly around in there, so we do not go in. Now, we are in a smaller, dim room. It seems to be a bathroom. There is just a window and an inset tub. Julia is now here and theyíre both down to their underwear and in the tub. They want me to get in, but I hesitate. Finally, I strip down to my black boxers, self conscious of how my penis is sticking up a bit in them. Just as Iím about to get in, Jessica gets out. This irritates me because she was just asking for me to get in.
    6. Friday, March 25

      by , 05-18-2022 at 07:27 PM
      Iím going to some restaurant with Makayla. I think itís Mexican food, and it seems like itís inside of a strip mall. We sit down at a booth and I pick the cheese enchiladas from the menu pretty quick. They sounded good, but the picture solidifies my decision (*I think Iím actually thinking of the enchiladas we had last night). There seems to be a pretty good beer selection, so I look for something to go well with them. The waiter has come over and Makayla is ordering, so I try to pick something quickly while heís here. Thereís a section of beers from London, two unfamiliar ones and then porter and stout, in that order. I pick one of the unfamiliar ones, trusting it to be good. I tell him something like Ďas long as itís lightí. Now he is bringing a pink beer (maybe a sour or a nitro) but realizes itís a mix-up. We find which one it seems like on the menu to know which handle it got switched with (29). Now he brings the correct beer and it is very pale, almost like lemonade. It tastes very light too, almost flavorless.

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      Tags: beer, food, restaurant
    7. Thursday, February 17

      by , 05-18-2022 at 07:25 PM
      Iím in some building with Melissa. It has a small ice rink. I think you pay to use it hourly or something similar. We arrive and are the only ones here. We set our stuff down and I start skating. I donít think Melissa is skating yet and I also donít know where we got the equipment. This rink is much smaller than a full sized one; itís maybe 40 feet across. It takes me a little bit to get the hang of it but soon Iím shooting many goals. At one point I can somehow see through the wall on the side (maybe it was always plexiglass, but I donít really think so). There is another rink with two teams playing and a full crowd. That rink also looks small and there may be less players. Now, another couple shows up here. They set down their stuff and look more serious about this than us. The man starts skating and shoots a goal. I do the same and he looks like heís trying to hide some surprise. I ask Melissa if she wants to play with me or against me.
      Tags: ice skating
    8. Wednesday, February 16

      by , 05-18-2022 at 07:24 PM
      I am somewhere outside with Stella. The place reminds me of Apple Hill - a pretty outdoor space with some buildings and outdoor stands. Right now we are the only ones at a booth selling homemade dog treats. It seems like Iíve gotten pulled in because Iím being nice and because itís something weíd actually use with Stella. The girl (around my age) has the treats out on a silver tray. I notice prices next to it - $40 and $50 for some quantities, which I think seems expensive. She tells me about them, then waits expectantly. I pick out a kind to buy because it feels kind of awkward not to. Now, I realize Stella has walked away to the other side of the booth. I go look and see her at a short fence, meeting two dogs on the other side. Sheís being very calm and she eventually just walks away from the fence.
      Tags: stella