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    1. Wednesday, August 10

      by , 08-10-2022 at 07:25 PM
      Iím going to go on a hike, I think on Mt. Rose with Mom and Melissa. Iíve put on a coat (I think with nothing under it) and a fanny pack. One or both of these has a bright color scheme that reminds me of the 80s. Iíve packed a couple of snack items. Iím now ready but still waiting on them, apparently not as concerned with being timely as I am. Now weíre in a coffee shop. Mom is trying to order me an Americano or cold brew, but there is some complication. The younger, brunette barista nicely explains the options of what he can make. I get overwhelmed and end up saying that I donít particularly want a coffee anyway.

      *After remembering and writing this, I just know it has to do with Granny. Sure enough, Mom calls me this morning to ask if I want to hike Mt. Rose with her this weekend.
      Tags: coffee, hike
    2. Tuesday, August 9

      by , 08-10-2022 at 07:24 PM
      Iím in a grocery store with Melissa. Sheís on the phone with someone, so I go off and look at the beer section. It seems to be one long aisle, including the corner at the end of it (I donít notice any refrigerated section). They have a pretty good selection of beers Iíve never seen before. One is a strong ale that I think is around 13% ABV. A little of the liquid shows above the label - itís almost completely clear, and I canít imagine that itíd be any good. I look through everything but donít find the certain type I wanted or anything to substitute. I meet up with Melissa and tell her this.
      Tags: beer, store
    3. Friday, July 29

      by , 08-10-2022 at 07:24 PM
      I am going to do a float tank. I walk into the facility and have to use the restroom. I walk down a short hallway to the restroom and enter it. The room is fairly small but looks much larger due to the arrangement of mirrors on the walls. Iím looking straight ahead to a wall of sinks, and the room branches off to the right and left. I take a turn at random and am met with more options of directions to go. Itís hard to tell what is an actual space or not, due to the mirrors. This is a row of toilets or urinals with stall doors. I notice someone at the one to the right; I start using the one right in front of me. (Either in the dream or after, I think that this seems familiar from another dream).
    4. Monday, July 25

      by , 08-10-2022 at 07:23 PM
      Iím at work, and we are rearranging and/or moving the break room. I think Iím with Ben and Zoe. This place looks nothing like work and more like a little kitchen and living room. I donít notice any windows. I carry a small, short, square table into one of the rooms. Setting it down with a foot or so of space between the two sides and two walls, I imagine a few of us awkwardly sitting around it. Ben now tries to lift a full book shelf (it looks like the one in our bedroom) by himself and breaks a little piece of a shelf off. I offer to help and he sets it down. I think Iíll take the books off first. Now, Iím in a small tent that is set up right in the middle of an intersection. I think itís two lanes and a stoplight for each road. I know that this is the new beak area. I try to relax but really canít, knowing that Iím in the middle of a road. I somehow see a truck drive through the intersection and veer to miss the tent. I donít want it to always be like this.
      Tags: work
    5. Sunday, July 24

      by , 08-10-2022 at 07:21 PM
      I think I am at Aly and Adamís place (not at all what it really looks like). This place seems like itís far away from any others. Itís a modest house with a modest but nice yard. It seems like this is a get together with the family. We pass through the house and into the yard (which is maybe the size of the warehouse at work or maybe a little bigger). After a moment, I notice that the yard is completely enclosed with a white tent structure that comes off the roof of the house at the one end and has its own wall at the other. It seems dark out but itís fairly illuminated in here, with a subtle but cool effect. Cousin Jon is here; I give him a handshake and one armed hug. I think he lifts me off the ground a bit. I ask him how life has been. I think some people are kicking a soccer ball in here (it is all grass).

      Iím lying in bed with Melissa in a completely unfamiliar room (it somehow reminds me of my bedroom at Dadís, though I think it looks nothing like it). We cuddle facing each other; I notice a large black and yellow frog slowly making its way up the wall. I know my gaze is fixed on it, but I try to make no intimation that anything is there. I get up to try to catch it.

      Zoe has sent an email that asks something like ĎRyan? Is that lucid enough?í Itís about how hot the store and warehouse get. I am going to research OSHA and other sources and put together a large reply.

      Iím at what feels like work (though it looks nothing like it). There are radial stone steps outside of the front doors and a man sitting on them. I think we are currently closed. I go out and sit by him. I tell him ďthank you for filling in for Bill (Kreutzman).Ē (This guy is not Jay Lane, however). He seems appreciative, and I continue talking with him.
      Tags: family, house, work