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    Friday, August 19

    by , 01-11-2023 at 11:35 PM (94 Views)
    Iím in Scotland (I think with Melissa, but sheís not with me in this moment). Outside, the sun is shining through the parted clouds. It is not intense at all, and the temperature is very pleasant. Iím now in a coffee shop or something similar, seated at a table with two unfamiliar men. One is closer to my age and the other is closer to middle aged, reading a paper. After just a minute or so, he asks how my weekend was. I reply and then we ask the other guy. Iím slightly cognizant that I will have an accent here but donít think too much of it, as neither comment on it. Iím now thinking of what Iíve packed, which doesnít seem to be much, and realize Iíve forgotten the one thing I really wanted to bring, my raincoat.

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    Tags: scotland