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    Friday, August 2

    by , 08-10-2019 at 06:50 PM (237 Views)
    I am at work with Laynie. Im not sure if Im on cameras or out on the floor, but I notice a lady enter who Im pretty sure has stolen before. I think she has a black backpack and a large, reusable shopping bag from somewhere else. I tell Laynie, and we start watching her. Almost immediately, it looks like shes filled the bag with clothes. Two other blond girls, one about younger middle aged like her and one younger, now meet up with her. There are three fitting room stalls along the wall, and they each go into one. After a bit, the other two girls come out. The older one is holding the reusable shopping bag, but for some reason I disregard this. The first girl comes out, and Laynie and I go onto the floor. (It still looks like a retail store, but different than in reality). Im not sure what were doing, since she doesnt have the bag, but we follow her out. I think we then realize that the other girl had the bag. I end up going outside and following them to another store. This store looks like our hallway of kids shoes, but bigger. This girl has met up with an entire family, including younger girls and middle aged men. They all look very similar, even for a family. All are blond or slightly ginger. The two men look sort of aloof and dirty or druggy. It is a little creepy. The younger girl from earlier notices me, asking slightly aggressively What are you doing here? I work here, I tell her defensively. There is attention on me now, and I decide to tell them that I know theyre only here to shoplift and just need to leave. They actually give it up and head for the door. Though they didnt fight it, I am shocked that an entire family does this so shamelessly. I follow them out and notice a black car with its window down, the reusable bag sitting on the seat. I now start getting aggressive, cursing at the lady while demanding that she give the merchandise back. She only slightly resists, but I do not give, and she ends up taking it out. I think I mentioned that I could just call the cops, which gets her to change her attitude a bit. I think about snapchatting this humorous scene, but dont.

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    Tags: stealing, work