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    Friday, August 23

    by , 09-09-2019 at 11:17 PM (294 Views)
    I am pulling into a fast food drive through, I think a Del Taco. The curve is a little sharp, so I feel close to the curb, the menu, and the small table on the cement right by the menu. There is a lady sitting at the table, and I feel like she is looking at me. I pulled up too far past the first menu, but I can still mostly make it out; it has a list of red wines. I consider ordering a glass, but nothing seems too appealing. They all look to be $6 a glass, which I think is a good price. I now start speaking with the employee through the speaker box. She says something that I ask her to repeat, so she says it again - she’s telling me that she’s about to go home, I think implying that I should hurry up. I pull up to another speaker box? and quickly order instead of looking for something new, so I don’t hold her up. I order two of one thing and two chicken quesadillas.

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