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    Friday, December 14

    by , 12-31-2018 at 08:07 PM (391 Views)
    I am with Melissa inside somewhere that feels like either a hotel or a house. I tell Melissa that I’ve taken one (psilocybin) mushroom and one tab of acid. There is a ceiling light in this hallway; I am staring at it when the psychedelics seem to take effect. The light is either square or circular to begin with, but it swells in size and becomes ovular in shape. It takes on more dimensionality. The light is a soft white. There are shapes on the surface, amorphous and possibly moving and changing slowly. The more I stare, the more prominent it all becomes. When I look away, the psychedelic visual is gone and the light is back to normal. I tell Melissa what I just saw. She seems like she’s paying attention, but not completely interested. Now we are outside. The building is plain and white, two stories, possibly with a stairwell on the outside. It’s surrounded by a large grassy area. The sky is baby blue, and it seems like a very pleasant day. There’s a smaller dog out here; we throw a bone for it. There are two bones, and we start throwing them at/towards each other, pretty hard. I end up leaving (because of how hard we’re throwing them).

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