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    Friday, December 16

    by , 05-05-2023 at 11:15 PM (125 Views)
    I am in what looks like the back or side yard of a nice house. There is a pool and Makayla is here. There is something going on here?, or about to, and I ask Makayla about me going to it. She sarcastically says no (in more words) and, in a moment of low self-esteem, feel bad, thinking there is truth behind the joking and that Im not wanted. More people have shown up now and are in the pool, filling it to what looks like its capacity. Im in the pool too (I think were all in our street clothes) and notice a three piece band at the other end. The drums are in yet slightly above the water - it must be shallow? He starts playing a fast jazz groove, which I think is Take 5 (it sounds different than in reality). The other two I think are some combination of guitar, keyboards, and vocals.
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    Tags: house, music, pool