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    Friday, February 24

    by , 05-05-2023 at 11:21 PM (130 Views)
    I am in a Barnes and Noble or some other store similar to it. The building is far from conventional and rather is architecturally impressive. There are multiple floors that seem to meld together with open spaces and subtle staircases. The walls and finishes on surfaces all seem minimalistic and largely a very plain white. There is a CD display, a matte gray material, that molds itself to the wall, which, in this case, rises a few feet vertically before bending about 45 degrees backwards. The CDs are displayed one by one, face out. I think it is very cool, but I worry about the lack of ADA accessibility. I walk through multiple rooms and hallways, looking [missing]. I have to ask someone and she Ö where I feel Iíve already been. Itís a Ö and the books all look shiny and Ö near a ground level that has a Ö
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