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    Friday, January 4

    by , 01-29-2019 at 08:12 AM (108 Views)
    I am with Melissa on top of what seems to be a pile of toy boxes. They seem to be of different sizes but still arranged more or less in a large rectangle. I donít think itís that tall, but it feels like weíre high up. It should also be much more unsteady than it feels; I can feel the boxes move slightly apart but stay together. Some or one of the toys is talking to us. We seem to be held hostage or otherwise in some sort of altercation. I let it keep talking as I slowly slide off the side. I grab two pocket knives and give the thinner one to Melissa. I worry about it being too thin and therefor easy to slip in her hand. I then use my pocket knife to puncture a box (and the chest of the toy inside?). I think the one puncture should be enough. Thereís also large teddy bear? I think I stab it once also. It is just the skin of a teddy bear, almost human sized, laying flaccid over some boxes. Iím not sure if itís really Ďdeadí or just feigning.

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    Tags: knife, toy