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    Friday, July 29

    by , 08-10-2022 at 07:24 PM (152 Views)
    I am going to do a float tank. I walk into the facility and have to use the restroom. I walk down a short hallway to the restroom and enter it. The room is fairly small but looks much larger due to the arrangement of mirrors on the walls. Iím looking straight ahead to a wall of sinks, and the room branches off to the right and left. I take a turn at random and am met with more options of directions to go. Itís hard to tell what is an actual space or not, due to the mirrors. This is a row of toilets or urinals with stall doors. I notice someone at the one to the right; I start using the one right in front of me. (Either in the dream or after, I think that this seems familiar from another dream).

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