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    Friday, June 15

    by , 07-21-2018 at 09:05 PM (134 Views)
    I have driven out to Kelli and Carl’s. It looks like nobody is home, but I also knock on the door. Nobody answer, so I go in. I call out ‘hello’ and get no answer, but I round a corner and see Carl. i continue into the room (doesn’t really look like their house) and Kelli and another girl on a black couch come into view. They’re watching something on the larger TV that is loud and probably why they didn’t hear me. I give Carl a hug and then a handshake. He offers me a margarita (I see one out - it’s in a green can that’s fairly tall: a Lime-a-Rita?) and I pause and think briefly before accepting. He goes to get one and chuckles, saying maybe I can have another or more and stay here. I am now on the couch and watching this movie with them. I am pretty sure the girl on the couch is Kelli Ann. I am not sure which can on the square coffee table is mine, but I feel pretty safe picking up the heaviest one. This film seems to be in the opening sequence - short clips of sea animals and people? with cool color tones and drab music, if any at all. Scenes keep repeating, so much so that we think there is something going wrong. After a repetition, however, there is new content, so we realize this was a purposeful stylization. I think about how that is very dream-like.

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