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    Friday, June 24

    by , 07-06-2022 at 10:44 PM (92 Views)
    I’m at work and walking from the direction of the second office to the front counter. I notice the regular Lance talking to the new Ethan at the computer closest to me. Lance must have asked if something is in; without even looking, Ethan tells him something like we haven’t gotten our shipment or he would’ve heard about it. This irritates me because I know it is here. I interject “meet me in the parking lot, Lance.” What I have for him is a simple looking black handgun. I slip it into my waistband (of my athletic shorts?) which is not sturdy, as it ends up in a few different places. I go between the two offices looking for the box of ammo that I know I have, but can’t find it anywhere. I end up walking out without it. Lance has been waiting right outside the door; I walk off to the side a bit with him, not sure how discreet this should be. He looks happy when I pull it out and hand it to him, handle first. We’re right outside of a truck full of unfamiliar people that he must know. I get into the truck, everyone in camo and similar outdoor gear, and it feels like we’re setting out for a trip. We are sitting on what feels like a water bed in the bed of the truck. We’re on a dirt road up in the hills and climbing some steep inclines. The one we’re on right now becomes almost vertical, but we drive right up and over it. I wonder what it’ll be like to come back down this. We’re parked now and I get out. This area looks like a small crater or bowl. The view is of the entire surrounding area and is impressive. I think we’re going to be spending the night here, which I am fine with.

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    Tags: driving, gun, truck, work