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    Friday, March 25

    by , 05-18-2022 at 07:27 PM (74 Views)
    Iím going to some restaurant with Makayla. I think itís Mexican food, and it seems like itís inside of a strip mall. We sit down at a booth and I pick the cheese enchiladas from the menu pretty quick. They sounded good, but the picture solidifies my decision (*I think Iím actually thinking of the enchiladas we had last night). There seems to be a pretty good beer selection, so I look for something to go well with them. The waiter has come over and Makayla is ordering, so I try to pick something quickly while heís here. Thereís a section of beers from London, two unfamiliar ones and then porter and stout, in that order. I pick one of the unfamiliar ones, trusting it to be good. I tell him something like Ďas long as itís lightí. Now he is bringing a pink beer (maybe a sour or a nitro) but realizes itís a mix-up. We find which one it seems like on the menu to know which handle it got switched with (29). Now he brings the correct beer and it is very pale, almost like lemonade. It tastes very light too, almost flavorless.

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