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    Friday, September 10

    by , 04-16-2022 at 07:31 PM (92 Views)
    I am walking from somewhere to somewhere else to use the bathroom. I think I come from a school and it looks like Iím heading to a construction site/new apartments or other buildings. It crosses my mind that Iíve actually passed a bathroom, but I continue on anyway. This area looks like itís near the marina. Iím on the side of an uncrowded highway. I walk through a red light and it doesnít cause any problems but still I feel a little guilty. I have my blue headphones on, listening to some music. Iím also walking at a good pace, and it feels like. I round a corner and start stepping high, flexing my eyes at each rise. I now notice that I can get multiple flexes in each step. Pretty soon I am completely off the ground at each step for a time longer than possible. I enjoy the sensation and continue it and soon I am levitating up into the air. I rise to 50+ feet and then the thought crosses my mind that this would only be possible in a dream. My mind writes off this happening with some explanation.

    *Though it sounds like it, I never actually realize this is a dream in the dream. I also wake up right after.

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