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    Monday, April 17

    by , 05-20-2023 at 03:46 AM (55 Views)
    Iím on what seems to be a trip with my coworkers. The building weíre in doesnít seem like a hotel, but more like a hostel or large house. I am going to have to share a bed with Jessica and Brad, not by choice, but by design. Right now, it feels late and like I canít sleep. I start walking around and notice a faint glow to the lighting, like it might be very early morning. I decide to just take a shower and get ready for the day, thinking about how the shower situation will probably be backed up. (This next part may be part of the same dream, or a different one). Iím looking for a place to take a shower and end up in what looks like a very plain theater (stone walls and steps and no adornments). Some lady tells me there are showers up at the top and Iíll just have to use it in front of everyone and that weíll become close if we already arenít. I picture myself naked, showering up there.
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    Tags: naked, shower, trip