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    Monday, August 19

    by , 09-09-2019 at 11:15 PM (221 Views)
    I am with some unfamiliar blond girl about my age. I think each of us are sitting on a bed. It seems like we’ve been talking or on a date. There is a sense of this coming to an end when I look over to my left and notice that her small breasts are out. I think the moment was something innocent, such as her changing, but I have noticed them and she is doing nothing to cover them. I am now by her and, without saying anything, have taken her breasts into my hands. They are very small, but just perky enough to stick out from the roll of skin on her stomach from her slouched posture. Though there is nothing said, I think this is okay with her. Now, she is completely naked. Still not sure if this is okay so soon, I have my fingers inside of her. It seems shallow; without full insertion, I start reaching a point where they won’t go any further. She starts moving my hand, either for this reason, because she doesn’t really want this, because I don’t know how her body responds to what might please her, or a possible combination of any of these. I had also noticed that she was very thin, my hand and fingers seeming large in comparison. Now that it is done, I realize that I have cheated on Melissa. I have to reconcile this with the fact that I never wanted to do this. I contemplate telling her and how to tell her.

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    Tags: cheating, naked