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    Monday, August 7

    by , 09-16-2023 at 09:31 PM (113 Views)
    Iím in what looks like Dadís neighborhood with Melissa. We are walking Stella down towards Brown School. A person walking a small dog passes by and Stella does not react. We comment on this to each other. Now, we are going into the school. I think that itís my childhood school. We walk through the hallways - it seems to have one main square of hallways - and I thought weíd be alone because school isnít in, but thereís a group of kids in here. They seem to be some kind of program. We pass by a few different large rooms in search of the library. I think Iím planning on taking a book home. I donít think we ever find it, but we end up walking past a lady or two, each holding up a few books. Others are here, walking past, grabbing a book as they do. Ben from work is here and grabs a Don DeLillo before I can. I thought the one I grabbed was also DeLillo, but I look at it and itís a book of medium to longer length by an Indian author. I think it might be fun to read it without knowing anything about it.

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    Tags: book, school, stella