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    Monday, December 12

    by , 04-05-2023 at 11:03 PM (135 Views)
    Iím at our apartment complex when I see three large, black dogs off leash outside one of the units. The layout here seems similar to our complex, but everything looks different. There are quite a few people in the unit (I think a door or window is open, enabling me to see inside at a glance) and someone is devoting some of their attention to playing fetch with the dogs. The dogs seem friendly from here and like they wonít really wander, but I donít appreciate the disregard of the rules, especially because we live two buildings over and always have Stella on a leash. Iím by our unit now with Melissa and Stella. One of the dogs is over here, without an owner, but Stella is now being reactive to it. She actually climbs completely on top of the dog and begins humping it. Iím surprised that it, a larger male, doesnít react.

    Iím in some fairly crowded building. Iím behind what seems to be a merch counter when I notice two girls, one of which is wearing a Led Zeppelin shirt. A man by her asks her who wrote Stairway to Heaven. She replies with something wildly wrong. The other girl chuckled and says ďno, Jimmy PageĒ. Iím now walking through the building (it seems similar to the GSR), aware that Iím wearing a Grateful Dead shirt. I pass a man who I think is also wearing one. I see him see my shirt and then he asks Ďwhat year?í He seems excited and not patronizing. We were walking in opposite directions, but I turn to walk with him. I tell him itís just generic and not a certain year but that Iíve probably heard any given year. I continue talking to him and he looks like he didnít expect me to. I tell him that Dead and Co shoreline Ď17 was my first live Dead music experience. ďCompletely sober - a minority, I know,Ē I say. He says heíd eat anything given to him. I describe the joy at the opening notes of St. Stephen, even though I realize it was actually Playing in the Band. This moment recalls the profundity of it, which I think he is sharing in now.

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