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    Monday, December 30

    by , 12-31-2019 at 12:08 AM (347 Views)
    I am in some fairly empty feeling building, heading for the restrooms. I almost accidentally go into the womenís - I think the font on the doors was confusing or something. I think someone was opening the door to come out right before I mistakenly entered. While the door was open, I could see that the bathroom was large and fairly empty. On the tall wall I notice an opening like a large mail slot. In it is Brianís (the new Asian kid at work) face, staring with a blank expression. I find this slightly odd. I go into the menís room now, which is also large and empty. I use the urinal and then notice that the other side to that opening in the wall is in here. I push the flap slightly and peek into the womenís restroom. Someone is in there, so I slowly move the flap back down, hoping they wonít see the movement of it. I think it would be very easy for someone in there to notice this opening. I now see Michele. She has a stroller and a young child. I think I am now in the bathroom right by her, but it is like she canít see me.

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    Tags: baby, bathroom, gender, kid