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    Monday, December 5

    by , 01-11-2023 at 11:41 PM (72 Views)
    Iím inside a Total Wine. The store is very large (and it seems familiar to another dream). I walk down a main aisle on my way to the beer section when an employee steps in front of me and hands me a small stack of cash. I wasnít sure at first if he was an employee - heís wearing nice but plain clothes and a very subtle nametag. I ask ďfor me?Ē, not really sure what to think. He says yes, itís for me. I take it, two 50s and a couple smaller bills, and move on. Iím now in the beer section, which looks like a corner of the store. There is a pallet of six packs in an aisle, and I see theyíre completely out of the only one I was specifically looking for. I keep looking on the shelves; many look good, but I always think there could be a better one yet. Most are dark beers, which is the type Iím after. There is one with a graphic of a pine tree trunk? and a bear print; I think I go for this one, as Iím at the end of my options.

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    Tags: beer, money, store