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    Monday, July 16

    by , 08-31-2018 at 08:08 PM (157 Views)
    I have gone to see Tess for a tattoo. Iím going back to her (like she is Lisa) since I got my first from her. Inside, I am sitting at a counter by a window (it resembles a barber shop counter and seats). Dad is here with me. I am getting the tattoo on my right foot - the same Pink Floyd symbol I already have? It doesnít turn out too well; it is too long and thin, as well as misshapen, on top of my foot. Thereís a line running horizontally along my foot also. She is done and is going to charge me, but I think about asking if she can redo it. I donít though, and pay the $58? With my card. I figure the tip at $6 and add 8 and 6 to get 14 to carry over on the addition. Iím thinking I could still get the tattoo altered/covered up. Iím also thinking about getting the number 1 in the same place Makayla has her tattoo. It has some significance. I also think about getting it on my ankle/outside of my leg to see if it really does hurt. I tell Dad to get a tattoo and he kind of laughs and says no.

    I am filling up a large bathtub. It seem to be in a room and set into the ground. Itís probably bigger than some pools. It overflows into the room. The water is not all that hot; I can only feel heat from the water currently coming out below the water level. Melissa is here, and I tell her she can get in with me.

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    Tags: bath, tattoo, water