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    Monday, July 19

    by , 08-12-2021 at 06:25 AM (159 Views)
    I am going to be taking someone to a concert (either Dead and Company or Tedeschi Trucks Band) tonight. I知 thinking that the venue is Shoreline Amphitheatre, but I知 also thinking that it痴 in town. I realize that I知 not doing anything and if I知 taking someone anyway I can just go to the concert. I think that I値l be alone, but I知 fine with that. Now I知 at the venue, a smaller amphitheater with large stone seats. I walk up to what I think is my assigned seat. It is almost dead center, but a little high up. There are a few people already here, standing around. They look like the typical crowd for Dead and Company, and I don稚 think masks are a concept in this dream.

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    Tags: concert