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    Monday, July 22

    by , 07-24-2019 at 07:30 PM (81 Views)
    I think I am outside? when I realize that I had a haircut appointment on the second of July that I completely forgot to go to. I briefly see my calendar (at Dadís?) and see it written on the second, along with the other stuff Iím doing this month. I think I missed it because thatís when we were in Portland, but itís still hard for me to believe that Iíd just miss an appointment. I realize that itís been a week or so since the second. I consider texting her but am not sure if sheíd even still want my business. Now I am considering growing my hair out. Dad is brushing his fingers through it, telling me that it naturally parts in the middle. I think Mom and Makayla also express that they like it longer, a bit excited at the prospect. I think about what it was like long, weighing the pros and cons. Itís already getting a bit long, so I think I decide Iím going to grow it out.

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    Tags: hair, haircut