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    Monday, March 22

    by , 04-02-2021 at 06:25 AM (173 Views)
    Iím in a larger, open, minimalistic building. It seems like a restaurant or coffee shop, though there is nothing out on the counters or put on the walls that would indicate either way. I am arriving as if I work here. The first person I run into behind the long, low counters is my ex Reilly. She looks pretty much just like she used to, if not a little older. I think her hair is styled up somehow. I think we begin talking, and she comes across rather rude, ruder than when weíve ran into each other in the past. She must be wearing a crop top or something similar, as I notice a pronounced scar on her stomach above the hip bone. I think I notice one or two others, and donít remember them ever being there.

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