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    Monday, May 11

    by , 05-16-2020 at 05:09 AM (244 Views)
    I am driving with Sage to see Tool in Arizona. I know I am going with her, but it looks like I知 in the car alone right now. The scenery is nothing immediately familiar to me, but it is the typical arid landscape I would expect. This two lane desert highway meanders through some scrub and brown hills. It is dim, but at one point dark. I drive past a silent scene of carnage. Strewn across the road is a creature (maybe a human?) that has suffered an attack on its head. There is a chunk missing and a trail of blood and remnants. Since there is a hill right nearby, I assume that whatever did this must be up there. It is light again, and I am looking at some dark rock outcroppings atop a hill. There are small farmhouses at the base of the hill and openings in the rock pile that look clearly inhabited by something. The openings are almost as large as the structures, and it freaks me out slightly that they exist so close together. I then realize that they are actually barns or sheds, but still don稚 like the thought. Only a little ways to the left, surrounded by some trees, is a house, still too close I think. I think we left at 4 pm, which I知 thinking will give us plenty of time (I知 thinking it takes 2-2 ス hours to get there). We have arrived, a typical large indoor arena, and I think our seats are apart. I conclude that it shouldn稚 be too hard to find someone willing to switch. The place seems pretty full and all of the lights are still on. I知 telling Sage I知 sure they値l open with 羨enima (thinking of the Fear Inoculum tour) but it壇 be cool if they surprised us with something like 詮lood (I think we were listening to that in the car - I remember seeing the dash display with the track time and hearing the intro).

    I知 in some house with some others, one of which is Krissy from work. There is also a child on the brown couch that might be mine.

    I知 looking at the full moon and watch as it looks like something is shot through it. The 壮omething is small compared to the moon, but it leaves a trail of particles. I tell someone and think they don稚 believe me until it is publicly announced that the moon has been shot.
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