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    Monday, November 26

    by , 12-31-2018 at 07:58 PM (262 Views)
    I am outside of Dadís house sometime in the earlier morning. There is still some light, but no color in the sky, and the colors all around are still all subdued. I am getting dressed out here, getting ready for school? Iím in the back, but it seems like the house is higher up on a hill with more of a view of the surrounding neighborhood than it really has. I am watching for the school bus, when I hear the dogs a little ways down the street, at another house. I pull my clothes on and start walking over there. I hear a man talking to them, saying heís going to give them Ďstupid sugarí. His tone is mockingly high pitched and sweet, and I donít like it. I think heís in a shed or something else open to the outside, and I see the dogs sitting by him, looking up at him. The guy looks younger-middle aged and clean cut, wearing jeans and a flannel. I tell him Iím really sorry about the dogs coming over, etc. He seems much more normal now as he tells me that itís no problem.

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    Tags: dogs, morning, school