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    Monday, October 10

    by , 01-11-2023 at 11:37 PM (125 Views)
    Iím going to take what I think is a muscle relaxer for dogs with Melissa. I am aware that itís a product for dogs, but Iíve read that itís fine for people to take. In the store, every other surrounding product is fully stocked. The one Iím looking for (ĎMitolí or something similar) is almost completely out, causing me to think that others have had the same idea. Now, Iíve taken two (they look like a small cookie) and am in some kitchen. Iím cooking something when they kick in. My entire body feels it and feels very heavy and rubbery. I slouch considerably and my vision feels somewhat blurry as well. Melissa sends me a video of her dancing somewhere and falling over because sheís taken some as well.

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