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    Monday, September 27

    by , 04-16-2022 at 07:57 PM (90 Views)
    I am walking outside somewhere with Melissa. The area is a large gully and for some reason I think itís between Reno and Carson. Weíve been on the upper edge of it, but I ask if she wants to walk along the bottom of it. There is a very faint trail down, though it almost looks too steep. I then change my mind, not remembering if itís too overgrown at the end for us to get out. There is something about picking up Alex around 1. I think that should work fine; Melissa then mentions casually that itís 1am, which changes things. Now, Iím driving in what looks like the same area (the highway through Washoe Valley?) and end up turning around. I also end up at Momís (I try not to care about turning around because I think Iíll be making another trip or so) and packing some things from my mostly full room, though I thought I had everything I needed.

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    Tags: driving, walking