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    Saturday, April 22

    by , 05-20-2023 at 03:49 AM (150 Views)
    I am going to meet someone off Facebook Marketplace for a toothbrush. I drive to what looks like behind the dentist and dollar store on N. Hills Blvd and then turn right onto a dirt road. There are a few dirt roads back here (where a neighborhood is in real life). After traveling slightly uphill for a few minutes, I end up in a parking lot. There’s a maroon van waiting; I see multiple faces (a family) and know this must be the person. Pulling up next to it, I roll down my window … do the same. She, a middle aged Hispanic woman, holds out the toothbrush and some money with a smile. I take the toothbrush but not the money. I tell them I can’t take their money for this.
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