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    Saturday, April 3

    by , 06-09-2021 at 09:53 PM (139 Views)
    I am walking up to a restaurant. The exterior seems large and through the few large windows I see that it is completely empty inside. There are tables and chairs set out like normal, but there is not a single person. Now I think Iím inside and notice signs related to the restrictions and shut downs. I continue on and down some stairs, finding a completely full dining room on this lower level, making me think the signs were just a guise. I notice that everyone is dressed business casual or nicer. There is also no social distancing or any other apparent measures. Iím now sitting at a table with Alex, Melissa, and some others. The menu is Mexican, and I pick out something relatively quick, yet when the waitress comes over Iíve completely forgotten. I think I tell her this and then end up ordering the thing I wanted. I have taken a small edible and I think itís kicking in. Everything feels slightly fuzzy and a little funnier. I laugh at small things but am not completely out of it. The food shows up and I start with my rice and beans. About halfway or so through them, I start to think there is no entrťe on the plate. I then find it on the far side of the plate, a tiny, smothered burrito. I am about to start it when I notice that everyone else looks just about finished, making me a little self conscious.

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