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    Saturday, Augut 15

    by , 11-30-2020 at 07:26 AM (51 Views)
    I am outside with Melissa in what looks like the old houseís backyard (except maybe a little bigger). I think I am wearing only a bath towel. It keeps slipping and I try to keep it on. Iím holding a piece of string that is attached to a kite or some other piece of fabric. It is breezy to windy and I make a comment, mostly jokingly I think, about using this to fly. I then feel the wind tugging the fabric and pulling the string taut and sure enough lifting me into the sky. It is slow at first but Iím soon 20, 30+ feet off the ground. I notice the large lawn and not much else. I can somehow control how high I go and how fast fairly easily too.

    Iím waiting in a line in some building. The building seems larger, wooden (a barn maybe), and somewhat isolated. The line is socially distanced. Julia from work is here and is maybe the only one I recognize. A younger boy, around 10, comes in and Julia tells him he needs a mask on if heís walking around. He doesnít seem to like this. When I look again, heís put some hand sanitizer onto a surgical mask and is putting it on. He then pulls it down and violently sneezes. This causes me to turn away from him and pinch my mask right around the bridge of my nose.

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