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    Saturday, February 1

    by , 02-11-2020 at 03:26 AM (43 Views)
    I am looking at a map. It looks similar to Reno Sparks, but it looks like thereís another freeway parallel to 395, creating more of a square than a cross. I zoom in? towards the top of this other freeway, and it looks like thereís a road that branches off and up into a small valley. I see a symbol for a river or a waterfall and a lone building below it. I think it is a cafe or something similar that is supposed to be good. I like the idea of getting up out of a town a little, and now I am at this spot. It is secluded, empty, and peaceful. I can tell there is water a ways up that I think has been diverted so this long, low, white building can exist. The surrounding slopes are fairly steep and slightly vegetated. I can still see Mt. Rose in the distance, dusted with snow, from a perspective Iíve never had before.

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    Tags: map, water