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    Saturday, February 16

    by , 02-17-2019 at 12:43 AM (191 Views)
    I am about to go to a party with Amy, Blake, Salina, etc. Melissa is with me right now, and I think weíre at Dadís. We go into the garage to pick a few beers from a case (*they look like the Lost Coast ones). While weíre getting ready/are ready, a dark SUV pulls into the driveway. The people about our age in it are dressed up like itís Halloween and are coming back from this party like itís already over. One of the guys seems a little too intoxicated. We stop and talk with them for a little. Now Iím thinking about the possibility of them offering weed at the party. I consider if Iíd accept or not and how much, if any, Iíd mix with drinking.

    Iím in a bedroom, writing down either the notes for a dream Iíve remembered or the dream itself. Dad and Scottie are in here too. Scottie is awkwardly watching me, seemingly amazed. Itís kind of annoying, and I think about going to a different room.

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