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    Saturday, February 22

    by , 02-24-2020 at 10:32 PM (84 Views)
    I am at work with Laynie and Matt and Sara. The lights are off and so are all of the monitors. Matt and Sara are watching a horror movie on a laptop. Iím not sure if Laynie and I are watching too - I think weíre just sitting there and doing literally nothing. I then hear a set of keys and footsteps outside the door and know it must be the store manager. I quickly try to turn a monitor or two on, but itís too late. She comes in to the lights off and the one monitor powering up and the others off. We donít even have to say anything before she makes a comment about not being able to believe that we arenít doing anything. She then walks out, shutting the door pretty hard behind her. I feel slightly bad and guilty.

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    Tags: movie, work