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    Saturday, January 19

    by , 02-02-2019 at 11:56 PM (316 Views)
    I am outside of the preschool (I only have the thought that it is the preschool - it looks nothing like it). Iím standing with my back against a cement wall. I think itís a ramp or something, as the building is a bit above where I am. It seems more like an elementary school. Melissa and some other girl are with me. I am smoking a joint, passing it to this other girl at times. Now, Nathanielís mom and sister show up. I hold the joint down at my left side, partially obscuring it, but not completely concealing it, as I donít feel the need to. They start talking with us and Beatrice, seeming older, casually takes the joint. Before she does anything with it, Stephanie asks sharply ďis that a marijuana cigarette?Ē with a small, incredulous, and accusing emphasis on the last two words. It is largely rhetoric anyway; she already knows it is. She bats it out of her hand and the two of them leave. When Stephanie asked, Melissa had quickly said no and backed away a few steps. I pick the joint up, bending it back into shape a bit, feeling bad about this whole situation. Apparently word has gotten to Niki, as she is quickly coming over here. She seems mad as she tries to talk to me and I just walk away from her. Sometime later I am texting Melissa, telling her Iím very sorry. She says that Stephanie is livid. I get the impression that Melissa is more upset at her being mad than at me. I now go into a building here, as if Iím going to work. It looks nothing like work and more like an IKEA, but more ornate and with larger rooms with higher ceilings. There is so much furniture and things on the walls that it looks as if it could be a hidden object game. There are a lot of people walking through here. I am taking a few of the same fuzzy, zip-up sweatshirts back. I feel a little high, and it is agreeable. It puts a smile on my face. Without the sweatshirts now, I enter a room. This room has a dark wood floor and a velvety, mossy green tapestry covering two of the walls. Thereís also a black grand piano on the left wall. James is here, and I ask if he can play. He tells me ďa littleĒ and sits at the piano. He starts playing something that actually sounds pretty advanced. It oscillates between low and high notes; the lows sound far too deep for a piano, and the high notes are pretty high as well. I think that Iíd like to try this piano. I also think that there are two older men sitting in two chairs in the far corner.

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    1. Harmony's Avatar

      Just your usual day, getting high outside the preschool/elementary school? It's almost funnier how big of a deal they made about it since it was just a dream! Totally harshing that mellow too.

      I only have the thought that it is the preschool - it looks nothing like it.
      It looks nothing like work and more like an IKEA.
      Isn't it strange how this happens? I always wonder what's going on in the brain that causes this sort of mismatch even though the whole dream world was created by it.
    2. rshort1202's Avatar
      Interesting juxtaposition, isn't it? I like how it is so casual in the dream. I think it's also a simple amalgamation of my having worked at a preschool, my girlfriend planning on teaching elementary, and my recent marijuana use.
      It is strange indeed. Or, maybe not... Many of my dreams' scenes seem to be heavily influenced by somewhere I've recently been, this instance being IKEA. As for my assuming the place was the preschool, it seems that the brain needs places to be labeled... That's funny - I've never really thought about how it does create the scene and then its incongruities. Perhaps it is our fallible recall?