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    Saturday, January 4

    by , 01-06-2020 at 08:34 PM (50 Views)
    I think I am working, but I think I’m at a Walmart. There is a younger, Hispanic? guy who goes in the fitting room with Levis and I think wears some out under his jeans. He then grabs a belt and holds it in a loop but makes no other attempt to hide it as he walks out with it. Now, I am either chasing him or I am the guy, running. I am chasing him and I think we both get on a train. We end up in another, larger building and he gets onto an elevator. I get in another, trying to catch up. This building looks like a shopping mall, and it is on the ground floor where we finally catch him. There is another girl what works LP here too. The guy seems pretty down at having been caught, but we are pretty lighthearted and impressed with him. I make a comment to the girl about how they’re good for catching him and maybe I should work LP here.

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