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    Saturday, July 16

    by , 08-01-2022 at 12:35 AM (206 Views)
    I am walking up to a library with the intent to apply for a job. It looks like a library in an elementary or high school. I think Iíve just been with Melissa, going over my resume or application. I walk up to the counter. There are a few quiet employees; a younger middle aged man comes over to me after a moment. I had felt confident, but now I just feel like Iím stumbling over my words. I mention that Iíd like to apply for a job. Nonplussed, he asks why I think Iíd be good for this job. I tell him something to the effect of me always being in and good at customer service. Now looking slightly amused, he hints that thatís all this job is. I hand over my resume. Itís written in pencil on notebook paper, and there is some awareness that it really isnít a good look.

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    Tags: job, library