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    Saturday, July 28

    by , 08-31-2018 at 08:21 PM (127 Views)
    I am going on a hike in some hills (it seems like the area up above Dadís house and also familiar from another dream?). I think thereís something about taking Melissa or wanting to take her but not wanting it to be too steep or too long for her. At the top of the hill it levels out and seems to be a large, wide open area up here. To my left, there is an incut with pretty tall rock walls and a waterfall cascading straight down, about 20 feet back. There are a few other people here, walking around and looking. I donít remember this waterfall being up here. On the horizon, I can see more small and long waterfalls and pools of water. I move my position and they disappear like an illusion.

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