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    Saturday, July 3

    by , 08-12-2021 at 06:21 AM (96 Views)
    Im in some house with Melissa. The house seems of fairly good size, dim, sparsely but maturely decorated, and like its an old construction. We have a baby, maybe just under a year old?, who grabs a book from a row of them along the ground. I notice that she immediately grabs her foot, just like the baby on the cover. I say that shes so smart already and think about how intelligent shes going to be. Then I say something like come here, let me hold my family. The baby crawls into Melissa's lap and then Melissa sits on mine. I wrap my arms around them and its a very blissful moment.

    Im outside in some parking lot with some people from work. They are all laying on the asphalt. I think were going to go out, but after seeing how late it is (~12) I decide to go home. I was thinking and/or they were talking about where to get a Black Russian. I walk to my car, which is parked alone at the end of a row against a building.

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    Tags: baby, house