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    Saturday, July 6

    by , 07-06-2019 at 07:44 PM (104 Views)
    I am with Brittney and by some pool. Iím not sure if itís in ground or a small, natural pool. The water looks clear and inviting. Iím pretty sure itís a natural pool, as I think the water is lapping up against sand.

    I am outside somewhere that food is being served from a long table up against a wall. There is one in front of me, and he is getting the first large cut of a large slab of some kind of meat (it looks like the size of a small animal). I get the second slice, equally large. I put another large portion of something on my paper plate, making it just about full. I think Iíll have to come back later since I wonít have room for everything they have out on my plate.

    I think I am going on a road trip or driving somewhere fairly far away.

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    Tags: driving, food, pool, water