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    Saturday, July 9

    by , 07-09-2022 at 08:37 PM (169 Views)
    Iím outside somewhere with Melissa - it looks like the middle of a desert, though not exactly the Nevada desert (I think the hills are lower and there arenít enough sagebrush). There is a lone food truck parked out here. Melissa goes up to the window to ask to use the bathroom. I think she had worked out with them beforehand that she could, but she is now being told no. She argues with the older middle aged lady to get her way, which I think she eventually does. I guess the bathroom is in the food truck. I am looking into the truck; it looks more like an RV converted into a large kitchen. To the left are the cabinets and counters and to the right is a very full row of shelves. I think it looks nice and that itís a good idea.

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