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    Saturday, June 2

    by , 06-04-2018 at 04:46 AM (131 Views)
    I am on a boat with Melissa. This boat has physical inclinations of being a speed boat, though there is a mental connotation of it being a much larger vessel, due to an array of items abundantly stored about. We are lying on a seat or some other space that is free of the mostly organized clutter. There is the open water to our right (I believe this boat is moving at a moderate speed) and the helm mostly visible a few yards from our heads. The semi-enclosedness and silmutaneous proximity to the open water creates an interesting feeling. Melissa is naked, her legs slightly splayed. I am comfortably between them, gently but aptly going down on her. I think someone is now up by the wheel of the boat, so we move to cover ourselves up a bit, though not completely.

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    Tags: boat, naked, water