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    Saturday, June 8

    by , 06-27-2019 at 08:50 PM (35 Views)
    I am with Melisa in Switzerland. Apparently, Alex has come here for a week or two and we decided to buy plane tickets and go as well. It seems like it hardly took any time to get here. I realize that I havenít brought a change of clothes (or anything else, seemingly). This is slightly discomforting since I donít know how long weíre going to be here. Iím under the impression that we arenít staying that long (maybe a day or so?) but probably long enough to need a change of clothes. I think we are on a bus. The scenery sort of looks like Ireland. I think I do feel pretty far from home. There is a guy here what is speaking with a pretty heavy German? accent; everyone else is speaking English without an accent.

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    Tags: switzerland